Your Time Is Precious: There are choices today, lots of them! You can spend countless hours researching for packages and prices on your own, only to discover it is no longer available. Our Travel consultants know where to look and can quickly return the best options for your next Holiday

Benefit From Our Knowledge: Zeldiva Travel consultants offer a wealth of information, we live and breathe hospitality. Not all resorts and villas are created equal. We can recommend what resorts to choose (and what to skip) on your next holiday, or suggest a specialty restaurant to take loved ones for dinner. These are just a few of the things we can and have learnt over years of travelling and training.

Unique Destination Expertise: You may be looking for a honeymoon package, wedding anniversary or if you are the adventurous type looking for some diving, surfing or maybe you’re intention is to get away from the chaos for some rest and relaxation. We can tell you the best resorts to stay based on location and the best time to go.

Great Deals At Our Finger Tips: Larger buying power results in better rates for you. We have carefully chosen partnerships with the resorts in Maldives to offer the best options and prices to you. We negotiate exclusive deals for our customers and are alerted right away to the latest sales and promotions.

Learn what you want: Very often, people dont really know what kind of holiday they want Its our job to provide you with a number of options we think youd enjoy. Not only we will help you book your holiday, we will help you build your dream holiday!

The Personalized Touch: There is a lot to be said for arranging your valuable holidays with a real person. Our travel consultants will get to know your preferences, will take care of the details and be there to answer questions.

Avoid Travel Scams: Not all resorts are the same, photos can be outdated and information on the resort may not be accurate. Our travel consultants can make sure what you are booking is what you get upon arrival.

24/7 Service: A 24-hour team of travel consultants to help you find your perfect stay – with no booking fees, and if you need any help afterwards, the team is just a phone call away.

We’re Your Advocate: Should you have a problem during your trip we are here for you. We can act on your behalf to see that a suitable solution is found.

Quality Guaranteed: Every hotel is handpicked by the Zeldiva team – no one can buy their way into our collection. All resorts are visited personally, reviewed anonymously and regularly reassessed, so we know they really are the best boutique hotels in the world.

Long-lasting relationship: By talking to our Travel consultants about what you want from your holiday, we get to know you and your needs. Over time, we learn what you like and don’t like on your holidays and this relationship “This means we can perfect our customers every need for future bookings to ensure an enjoyable holiday each and every time. As a result, our travel consultants always has the holiday-maker’s best interests at heart.”

Rest Assured: when you book with Zeldiva, nothing is left to chance.



We will encourage our customers to see travelling as a joyful and impulsive activity. We recognize and acknowledge the individuality of our customers and we are confident in providing personalized value for money packages and stays.

With our knowledge of all exciting possibilities available in Maldives, we believe it is our right to provide informative holiday consultations for our customers. We are confident that you would not be disappointed in choosing Zeldiva Travels as your travel partner.

We have strong values of abiding by regulations and respecting the ethics of the travel industry, and we give a high priority to preserve and protect the delicate natural environment of the Maldives.