Celebrate Christmas and New Year in the Maldives

Celebrate Christmas and New Year in the Maldives

As the Christmas 2021 and the following New Year 2022 are approaching millions of people all over the world are preparing to celebrate the most awaited festivals, the birth of Christ and the subsequent new year 2022. This year why not you celebrate Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022 in the Maldives? Why not prefer white, hot sandy beaches to frosty streets and roads and prefer sunny side of life to freezing cold climate?The changing season signifies the herald of new beginnings and a life of fun, excitement, and happiness. This is the time you need to reinvent yourself and start a brand new chapter in the book your life which needs a lot of introspection and reflection upon yourself. The Maldives is the best place to start this new beginning Why? Because the Maldives is abundantly blessed by the Mother Nature with crystal clear blue oceans, beautiful lagoons, white beaches, palm forests, lush greenery, fantastic coral reefs, mind-boggling sea creatures and above all, a year-round tropical climate. While all the resorts in the Maldives are making preparations for the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations with a wide variety of programs and activities, offering attractive deals and packages, what on earth is a better place to celebrate your Christmas and New Year other than the Maldives?

Maldives Christmas 2021and Maldives New Year 2022: Why Maldives?

Following are the reasons why the Maldives is the perfect destination to celebrate your Christmas and New Year occasions.

Celebrate in a paradise on earth: Beautifully spread over the Indian Ocean with a sunny weather, and a 30C all-year-round temperature and blessed by all the beauties of nature, Maldives is the tropical paradise on earth.

Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022: Activities for every member of the family:All our partner resorts in the Maldives are keen in providing a wholesome Xmas and New Year holiday package containing entertaining games, races, and parties. The package has something to delight each and every family member regardless of their age. The following are some of the interesting events and activities our partner resorts have to offer for the Xmas and New Year day.

zeldiva LuxuryA Christmas gala dinner.

zeldiva LuxuryA Christmas eve white party.

zeldiva LuxuryA New years eve gala dinner.

zeldiva LuxuryA Glow party with champagne toast.

zeldiva LuxuryA New years day brunch.

zeldiva LuxuryA The charity gladiators show.

zeldiva LuxuryA A marvelous pirate-themed new years eve party with DJ.

zeldiva LuxuryA Fun games, kids party, movie under the stars, crab race, underwater treasure hunt, and tombola.

zeldiva LuxuryA Special Christmas Eve Romantic Champagne Dinner.

zeldiva LuxuryA Santa Claus BBQ island.

zeldiva LuxuryAJuice Academy.

Special XMas and New Year programs for kids:All our partner resorts offer special activities for kids of all ages. Kids are invited for a special kids party consisting of the games such as sack race, 3 legged race, treasure hunt and more. Head away with your kids to an uninhabited island to meet Santa (hey, he comes to the Maldives as well) bringing special gifts for the kids. Enjoy BBQ Lunch, a lot of fun games and many more like Christmas crafts, talent shows, treasure hunts and childrens yoga.

Delectable Christmas and New Year feasts:Come and enjoy a mouthwatering Christmas buffet with specialties from West and East at our Christmas Gala Dinner, Christmas Eve White Party, and New Years Eve Gala Dinner. Savor every moment of your favorite Christmas cuisines while listening to live music with the whole family.

Create magical moments that will never vanish:Whether you want to celebrate Christmas and New Year vacation in the Maldives with your whole family, friends or alone, our partner resorts have you covered. Whether it is a completely spiritually oriented trip or a trip full of pure fun, or both, the activities and programs provided by these resorts can satisfy every need of you and other family members.

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