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Like a strand of rare pearls, the Maldives white-sand islands stretch over the Indian Ocean, waiting to be discovered. Attracting over one million global tourists every year, the Maldives is considered a bucket-list destination by many. If youre planning a vacation to "paradise on earth," browse our Maldives yacht experiences to unlock a new level of luxury.

Introducing The Maldives

With luxury stays that rival the best in the world and an underwater world boasting rare and colorful creatures, Maldives is the obvious choice for the vacation of a lifetime. Once upon a time, this geological marvel stretched untouched across the equator. However, since inhabited islands became open to tourism, the Maldives has undergone a seismic change.

Now island hopping is accessible by speedboat and public ferry. However, one thing remains unchanged: the best way to explore the wonders of Maldives is by yacht.

Unforgettable Maldives Cruising Holidays

Breathtaking beaches and pristine coral reefs make Maldives the ultimate luxury yacht chartering destination. With over 1,000 islands –– 800 of them uninhibited –– hiring a yacht is the best way to unwind and explore undisturbed secluded beach fronts.

On the remote islands, you will find caves, untouched beaches, and fascinating wildlife. Maldives warm waters provide the perfect conditions for playing with a range of water toys. Aboard your luxurious private charter yacht, you can whiz around on jet-skis and snorkel amongst ancient shipwrecks.

To truly experience everything the islands have to offer, learn more about yacht cruises with Zeldiva Luxury.

Sunbathe, Snorkel, and Scuba

The Maldives is home to some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. Its clear waters are a magnet for any traveler who has an interest in marine life. The richness and variety of Maldives underwater world is unparalleled. When you take a moment to scuba or snorkel, dazzling coral walls, stunning caves, and schools of rare, colorful tropical fish await you.

If youre an adventurer, ask your charter captain about heading to deeper waters. You can see lurking manta rays, turtles, sharks, and even catch a glimpse of the worlds largest fish –– the whale shark. The best part? The water here is so warm –– you wont even need a wetsuit.

For those who are more interested in whats above the waterline, booking a Maldives yacht holiday is the perfect way to take in the islands striking vistas. Lounge on board with a beverage and watch the most stunning landscapes in the world from the comfort of a luxury yacht.

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