Life's At Ease With An Ocean Breeze

  • JA Manafaru Resort
  • Maldives Malaafaiy Dinner
  • Beach Bungalow with Private Pool
  • Sunset Water Villa with Private Infinity Pool
  • One Local Island Experience
  • One House Reef Night Snorkeling
  • Meal Plan
  • Seaplane
  • Bubbly Sunset
  • Private Beach Dinner
  • Utheemu Historical Island

Life's At Ease With An Ocean Breeze

 JA Manafaru Resort
Enjoy the warm hospitality, tranquil turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and the mesmerizing view from your own private infinity pool, promising you an unforgettable experience at JA Manafaru.

 Nights: 7 Nights/8 Days     Pax: 2A     Travel During:Jan 07, 2018 - Apr 30, 2018

The Experience Includes...

Zeldiva Care

Our experienced and knowledgeable ‘Zeldiva Care’ welcoming team will be excited and eager to welcome you at the airport and ensure that your experience at the airport is a seamless and a pleasant one. They are dedicated to put a smile on your face every step of your way and make you feel at ease and comfortable with their loving care and pleasing demeanour.

Beach Bungalow with Private Pool

Beach Bungalow With Private Pool:
Enjoy complete privacy in a beach bungalow which is on a pristine beachfront with its own private pool to enjoy taking dip in on a bright and sunny day.

Meal Plan

Bed & Breakfast:
Enjoy an exceptional gourmet breakfast at the Kakuni restaurant.


Return Seaplane Transfer:

Embark on an amazing short scenic seaplane ride and capture the islands and its beauty.

One Local Island Experience

Enjoy visiting the nearby local island and experience the rustic atmosphere with so much to explore as you embark on an adventure to one of the two uninhabited islands for the ultimate Castaway Island experience.

One House Reef Night Snorkeling

Experience a snorkeling night trip as you admire and explore the marine life.

Add-Ons for Extra Experiences

  • Maldives Malaafaiy Dinner

    US$ 140.00 - Maldivian Malaafaiy Dinner

    Try out something unique and new? Enjoy a traditional and local Maldivian dinner at the Kakuni restaurant.

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  • Private Beach Dinner

    US$ 410.00 - Private Beach Dinner

    Have a lovely dinner under the stars served by a waiter in white gloves, on a table specially decorated with tropical floral arrangements and candle lights. Your candlelight dinner features the very best in gourmet cuisine.

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  • Bubbly Sunset

    US$ 230.00 - Bubbly Sunset

    Experience a spontaneous cruise, enjoying the sunset view and lucky visits from the Magnificent Dolphins.

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  • Utheemu Historical Island

    US$ 240.00 - Utheemu Historical Island

    During your stay here, why not engage and discover a few of the ancient historical islands. That would be quite an exciting adventure.

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