All you need to know when planning your family holidays in the Maldives - treat your family and kids to a luxury family holidays

All you need to know when planning your family holidays in the Maldives - treat your family and kids to a luxury family holidays

All you need to know when planning your family holidays in the Maldives - treat your family and kids to a luxury family holidays

Family holiday in Maldives
Family vacations are a very important part of family life, they bring the family together, creating a strong bond and build memories that last forever. While there are lots of possible locations for a family holiday, the Maldives easily outshines all with its unique features - fine white sands, adventurous snorkelling in clear blue waters, rich marine life and lots more
Family holidays in the Maldives can be ultimately exciting when you hire the right agency to set it up for you.
Zeldiva Luxury boasts of extensive experience in planning family holidays in the Maldives, be it for you and your special one alone or the entire family including kids.

Family & kids in Maldives
When planning a holiday for the family and kids in Maldives, the following are just some of the thrilling things you shouldn’t miss.
1. Dolphin Cruises
The Maldives is among the top five destinations to watch dolphins and the best time to look for dolphin pod groups is around sunset. To get the best experience, start out late in the afternoon and be captivated by the graceful journey to the sunset. It gets even more thrilling to observe them spin out of the water to the shrill excitement cries of watchers. This is surely going to be an experience to remember for your family and kids.
2. Snorkeling
The water in the Maldives is very clear (visibility of at least 20m), this makes snorkeling an absolute must. To treat your kids to a thrilling morning of snorkeling, take them out to the shallower areas within the inner reef, it's a great place to start for first timers. Marine life in the Maldives is plentiful and really vibrant, there would be no dull moment when you take your family and kids out snorkeling.
3. Sandbank tours
It's a surreal experience taking the kids out on a sandbank tour where you all can simply relax on the beautiful white sands, swim and play in the clear waters of the Arabian Sea - the water is warm and very relaxing. Getting them in should be easier than getting them out, they probably would enjoy the experience so much they won't want to leave.
4. Boating
Boating is a high point of family holidays in the Maldives. It gets really exciting to see flying fish, dolphins and jumping tuna while out on a boating expedition. This activity is bound to be a fun and exciting part of your vacation in the Maldives.

Kids resorts in Maldives
When you take the family and kids on a fun packed holiday in the Maldives, you should look out for the best kids resorts that ensure the safety of the little ones. From our experience over the years, we have built up a checklist of top features most families look out for when booking kids resorts in Maldives. These are:

  • zeldiva LuxuryResorts with the best kids club facilities and supports a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for kids.

  • zeldiva LuxuryResorts with shallow lagoon surrounding the island.

  • zeldiva LuxuryResorts that pay keen attention to kids dietary requirements and serve child friendly foods.

  • zeldiva LuxuryResorts with friendly, well-trained private baby sitters to allow parents some downtime.

  • zeldiva LuxuryKid friendly resorts furnished with the right gear for kids e.g. cots, cutlery, high chairs.

Great news is that we have researched and partnered with top resorts that meet and exceed these requirements, speak to one of our professional but friendly travel concierges now to begin planning your family holiday to the Maldives.
Luxury family holidays in Maldives
This gives you and your family an extra special experience, memories that last a lifetime. When you book for this, you can expect a private family villa fitted with a sundeck where you can spend quality time with the family and kids, adventurous snorkeling in pristine blue water, fine white sand perfect for building sand castles with the kids, underwater dining, the Maldives glowing beach, exploration of the beautiful islands and lots of opportunity for kids to meet up and interact with other in-house kids also there on a family holiday.

You could also take adventure diving courses. This includes scuba diving which allows you to explore the exciting and colorful plant and animal life of the ocean. Adventure diving courses often feature 3 dives and a deep dive. These courses are customizable to meet your unique family needs.
Needless to say, there’s more than enough to keep the everyone fully engaged in thrilling excitement when on a luxury family holiday in the Maldives.
You can’t go wrong booking a family holiday in Maldives with Zeldiva Luxury, our services are sure to exceed your expectations and leave you coming back for more. Below are just a couple of reasons why you should hire us for your luxury family vacation.

Fully customized service
At Zeldiva Luxury, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, we therefore go above and beyond to ensure that we deliver a tailored experience to meet your unique requirements be it trip with kids, couples only etc. we have you fully covered.
Our vast experience
At Zeldiva Luxury, giving families thrilling experiences is our specialty, having been in the business for years, we’ve acquired expertise and hands-on experience that’s second to none in the industry.
Our commitment to excellence
At Zeldiva Luxury, our goal is client satisfaction. We go the extra mile to ensure we give families that special holiday to the Maldives they deserve. To accomplish this effectively, we give in nothing but excellence. Our commitment to excellence keeps us way ahead of the competition.
Our strong relationship with Maldives resorts

We have established strong relationships with top Maldives resorts and are up to date on their time-to-time offers and deals. We also work tirelessly with our partners to design cost-effective holiday packages that meet the unique expectation of families.

Looking for fun filled Family Holidays in Maldives that fully supports kids? We’re here to help. Just give us a call or shoot us an email and one of our friendly personal concierges will get back to you within 24 hours with the best available offers.

We can customize this holiday experience just for you.
Any element can be tailored-activities, choice of resort ,and trasportaions,
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