Why Maldives Is Still the Most Popular Honeymoon Destination

Why Maldives Is Still the Most Popular Honeymoon Destination

Why Maldives Is Still the Most Popular Honeymoon Destination

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When people think of the ideal spot for their honeymoon, they think of crystalline waters and white sand beaches. Theres no better place in the world to find those than the Maldives. 

More than 1.5 million people go to the Maldives every year. One reason why is that the Maldives serves as a popular honeymoon destination. Couples of all backgrounds find something unique and beautiful on the archipelago. 

But dont book your flight just yet. You need to learn about the best things to do in Maldives to make the most out of your honeymoon. Here is your guide. 

The Basics of the Maldives

The Maldives is an archipelago of nearly 1,200 coral islands in the Pacific Ocean. The country is located southwest of India and west of Sri Lanka. 

The dry season of the Maldives runs from January to April, featuring gentle breezes that soothe high humidity. The wet season runs from May to November, and a lot of strong storms appear. Even the wet season sees high temperatures, with average highs running up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. 

The official language is Dhivehi, which is closely related to Sinhalese. You should be able to find people on the island who speak French, Portuguese, and English. It never hurts to learn a few words of Dhivehi, especially when talking to the locals. 

The Maldives has a population of over 500,000. Most people live in the capital city of Male, and many visitors to the Maldives spend at least one night in the city. Velana International Airport is the main international airport in the country and is located just outside the city.  

Settlements are scattered throughout the other islands. You can find a resort or small town on most of them. 

The Maldives is a republic that declared its independence from the United Kingdom in 1966. Despite its long history under British rule, the culture of the Maldives is more influenced by Asia than Europe. 

The United States and the Maldives have enjoyed a good relationship with each other. You can find an American state department office in Male. 

Things to Do in Maldives

The Maldives is renowned for several activities. The country has a rich musical and dance tradition. 

The traditional Maldivian dance is called boduberu. Three drummers and a lead singer perform songs that tell a linear story. Dancers start with slow twists and turns, and they grow more frenetic as the tempo rises. 

You can find performances of boduberu all around the islands. You can hire dancers for your honeymoon and even view a spontaneous performance on a beach. 

Visiting various islands is a great day trip. You can spend a day in Male, touring its beautiful mosques and markets. 

A road connects Male to a couple of islands. Hulhumale Island has the Mosque of Hulhumale, which features a grand golden dome next to a park. 

You can travel from island to island on a boat, which is a terrific experience in itself. Maafushi lies within the same atoll as Male and contains a number of small markets. Himmafushi has restaurants and beaches you can visit. 

You can also take a scenic flight over the archipelago. Many of the islands are uninhabited or minimally inhabited, so boats dont visit them. Taking a flight lets you see places few others catch a glimpse of. 

If you dont like airplanes, you can go parasailing. Youll feel the wind on your skin while you take in the incredible scenery. 

Any inhabited island you visit has beautiful white-sand beaches. This is where most tourists spend their time.

The sand is clean without debris and trash. You can sunbathe, go for walks, and play sports. 

Maldives Water Sports

The single most popular thing to do in the Maldives is water sports. The water around the islands is crisp, warm, and fun to swim in. You can perform virtually any water sport in the water. 

You can fish 700 meters beyond a reef. You cannot use nets or guns, but you can use any pole you like. Charter a boat and go fishing. 

The most common catch is tuna, but you can also find barracuda and bonefish. The fish are strong, so make sure you have a firm line and wire. You may even be able to cook the fish you catch. 

You can surf on most beaches. The water is usually shallow, but waves are high enough that you can perform common surfing moves. If you are a beginner, many beaches have schools where you can receive lessons. 

The Maldives is one of the worlds best scuba diving destinations. The islands have PADI diving centers, so you can dive even if you dont have certification. The water is warm enough that you wont need a wetsuit and clear enough that a basic pair of goggles should let you see. 

If you want to stay near the surface, you can go snorkeling. You can still see sea turtles, sharks, and rich corals. 

If you dont want to get wet, you can dolphin watch. This is a perfect activity for the late afternoon while the sun is setting. As the sun produces incredible lights on the horizon, you can watch scores of dolphins jump out of the water.

The Best Resorts in Maldives

The Maldives offers a number of luxury resorts. Each resort offers something for every couple, and most are affordable within basic price ranges. 

The Westin Maldives is centrally located on the island of Mirandhoo. It offers six types of villas, including overwater accommodations that lead directly into the ocean. You can have drinks and romantic meals by the water at several different restaurants. 

The Baglioni Resort features beach and water villas. These villas have private terraces, providing intimacy for couples. You can lounge next to the water and enjoy drinks under the setting sun. 

The Four Seasons Kuda Huraa resort is filled with Maldivian culture. Local craftsmen using indigenous techniques built every building on site. Pavilions have stuccoed walls and bungalows have decks with thatched huts. 

Velaa Private Island is its own island, as the name suggests. It features a golf course and recreation arena, so couples can play sports together. 

Traveling Tips

Do not plan on traveling to the Maldives until the COVID-19 pandemic has abated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently advises against all travel to the country. 

When you do travel to it, check the Department of State website for advisories. The Maldives is a peaceful country, but violence occasionally flares up. 

Pack conservative clothes. You can wear a bikini or swimsuit on certain beaches, but cover yourself up when walking around towns. 

Prepare for the Maldives as you would for any other vacation. If you forget something, you can buy what you need from a shop on the islands. 

The best time to visit is the dry season. You will be inside for many days if you go during the rainy season. 

Honeymoon Ideas 

You can add a little more festivity to your special occasion by visiting during the holidays. Christmastime sees many celebrations and you can continue to enjoy beautiful weather and beaches. 

Integrate a little bit of everything into your honeymoon. Spend a day on the sand, in Male, and out in the water. Play a few different sports, even ones you havent tried before. 

Plan for a weeklong honeymoon. This should give you plenty of time to experience everything you want. 

Book a night in a couple of different resorts. This lets you island hop and take in more of Maldivian culture. 

Have a romantic dinner or two at your resort. But try to get some food from local restaurants and markets. Many of them have fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables that you wont get anywhere else. 

The Maldives is a great location for families. Bringing your kids may diminish the intimacy, but it creates a terrific bonding experience. 

You dont have to deplete your bank accounts to have a great honeymoon. Many hotels offer affordable options and packages. Do your research before making your accommodations. 

Make sure to bring your camera and take lots of photographs. Every location in the Maldives is picture-perfect. 

Maldives: The Most Popular Honeymoon Destination

The Maldives is a popular honeymoon destination for good reason. The islands have year-round high temperatures with plenty of sunshine. You can dance to indigenous music and lounge on beaches.

You can participate in every water sport under the sun. Resorts offer a range of accommodations, providing maximum comfort for couples. For an ideal Maldives honeymoon, experience a little bit of everything, including romantic dinners by the water. 

Find experts who can meet your honeymoon needs. Zeldiva Luxury is the Maldivess leading concierge service. Contact us today. 

Why Maldives Is Still the Most Popular Honeymoon Destination