The Best Time to Visit the Maldives

The Best Time to Visit the Maldives

The Best Time to Visit the Maldives

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This month experiences up to 188 mm of monthly precipitation, with 14 days of rainfall on average. August is not the rainiest month but it certainly has the strongest rainstorm when it does rain over the Maldives.September represents the ultimate wet season at the archipelago of Maldives. This is the rainiest month with less number of tourists resulting in low prices. During this month, the average daytime temperature drops to 27 degrees Celsius (81F); Midday peaks reach as high as 29 degrees (84F), with rainy nights with temperatures going up to 25 degrees (77F).

Visiting the Maldives during October and November:

October is the last rainiest month ending the wet monsoon season in the Maldives witnessed by strong and frequent rains that last for a day at a time. In October, the average daytime temperature drops down to 27 degrees; midday peaks reach up to 29 degrees on a clear day, with nighttime low temperatures reaching 25 degrees.During November, the average daytime reaches to around the 27 degree Celsius, with midday high peaks reaching up to 29 degrees and rainy nights reaching up to 24 degrees Celsius.November brings an end to the wet season and the begin the dry monsoon season in the Maldives. This is a fairly predictable and surprise-free month during which one can experience the transition of seasons in the Maldives.

Visiting the Maldives during December:

In December one cannot see any rainstorms until the beginning of the new wet season in April. The first half of the month witnesses rainfall, for 13 days of the month, and hence tourists tend to visit the Maldives at the end of the December to enjoy the tropical weather and also to celebrate Christmas and New Year.In this month, the daytime average temperature reaches around 27 degrees Celsius; midday temperatures reach around 29 degrees and peak time temperature never drops below 25 degrees.Whale sharks begin their migration to the eastern side of the archipelago, where they can be spotted until April. Divers can follow the whale sharks to the eastern side of the islands through April.

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