Luxury Maldives Yacht Cruising

Luxury Maldives Yacht Cruising

Luxury Maldives Yacht Cruising

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The Maldives was one of the first countries to welcome back tourists in 2020. This tiny equatorial gem flung open its borders on 15 July and imposes few restrictions on travelers.

The move came as a welcome relief for those employed in the tourism sector and travelers longing to get away from it all after months of confinement.

Theres no doubt that a vacation among the stunning,palm-fringed beauty of the Maldives is just what we all need right now. These magnificent islands have much to offer travelers from around the world.

Would you like to enjoy this island getaway from a different perspective? You should put luxury Maldives yacht cruising at the top of your travel to-do list.

Why Choose Maldives Yacht Cruising?

Yachts provide the most fun you can have while remaining socially-distant from other travelers. They offer all the luxuries of a cruise liner, and more, without the crowds.

When you charter a crewed yacht you can count on first-rate personalized service and the freedom to do as you please around the clock. Youll enjoy unmatched privacy when you charter a private yacht in the Maldives. 

Most luxury yachts come with their own inventory of water toys. So, you can make the most of your vacation with exciting watersports without having to share. 

Staying on one of the countrys gorgeous luxury resorts is a delight for every kind of traveler. Why tie yourself down to one location, when you can have it all though?

Theres no better way to connect with nature than by exploring some of the Maldives 1,190 islands at your leisure. When you charter a yacht you neednt worry about schedules and formal meal times.  

Heres how you can make the most of the freedoms on offer on a luxury Maldives yacht charter. 

Making the Most of Maldives Yacht Cruising

Youll find no shortage of wondrous sights and convenient places to moor your luxury yacht in the Maldives. You can swim, relax, get active in the water, or explore the best that the islands have to offer. 

Dont miss these exciting excursions during your plush Maldives yacht cruising experience:

  • Snorkeling at Banana Reef
  • Meeting the friendly locals at Gulhi Island or Omadhoo Island
  • Experience true serenity at the uninhabited island of Bodu Kaashi Huraa
  • Soaking in the sheltered lagoon at Meerunfenfushi
  • Enjoying exhilarating watersports in the pristine waters of Lily Beach
  • Visiting the two inhabitants of Raiy Dhiggaa
  • Traveling back in time at Daghetti Island
  • Soaking up the sunshine on South Male Atoll
  • Picking up some souvenirs at Guraidhoo Island

Theres always something new to experience during your Maldives yacht cruise. These islands offer the chance to catch up with lovely birds and small island creatures while you amble along their sandy shores or among palm jungles. 

Frigate birds, white terns, grey herons will welcome you ashore with curious gazes. You might come across flying foxes and shrews if you venture further inland.

Maldives richest species diversity occurs in the surrounding oceans. Here you can swim and dive among huge, gentle whale sharks, thousands of brilliant tropical fish, dolphins, manta rays, and turtles.  

Its worth spending some time in Malé too. Here youll encounter bustling markets, museums, restaurants, and art galleries to enjoy. 

Types of Maldives Luxury Yachts

Maldives private yachts come in shapes and sizes to suit every kind of escape. The two main types you can choose from are bareboat Maldives private yachts for hire or crewed yachts. 

These are the most popular types of Maldives yacht rental:


These are the vessels of choice for most boating enthusiasts visiting the Maldives. Thats because their low drafts perfect for exploring shallow coral reefs and going ashore on remote islands.

Catamarans offer spacious accommodation quarters and plenty of space to relax on deck. Youll enjoy these perks whether you choose to go it alone or opt for a crew to take care of your every need. 

Monohull Yachts

Its becoming more common for yachts to make their way to the Indian Ocean during winter as this gives enthusiasts wonderful opportunities to enjoy warm weather sailing around the Maldives. 

You can choose from a range of luxury motorized or sailed yachts and superyachts for your Maldives adventure. Although yachts cant venture as close to shore as catamarans do, they offer plenty of space for storing water toys as well as supremely luxurious amenities.

What to Expect On Maldives Luxury Yachts

Most luxury yachts and catamarans accommodate between 8 and 12 people in supreme comfort.

Onboard, youll find multiple cabins for private repose as well as large on-deck entertainment areas for sunbathing, embarking on water sports, or simply lapping up the wonderful views. 

Yachts offer a multitude of comforts to ensure you feel right at home while enjoying life on the ocean wave with plush dining areas, luxury lounges, and multimedia entertainment technology.

Many yachts have onboard hot tubs or plunge pools for your ultimate enjoyment and a stash of all the most popular watersports equipment like jet skis, fishing equipment, snorkeling gear, diving gear, and kayaks. 

They feature full galley kitchens to satisfy your self-catering needs or ensure your crew can dish up gourmet cuisine in the blink of an eye. Fully-stocked bars ensure no one goes without their favorite refreshments.

There arent any official mooring points for yachts among the Maldivian islands, so youll always leave your yacht at anchor in the ocean when you venture ashore. 

Lovely scenery, exciting activities, and supremely luxurious finishes make a Maldives charter yacht the perfect choice for honeymoons, celebrations, and even a surprise proposal.

When it comes to planning your big day, you cant go wrong with any of the hundreds of luxuriously appointed resorts in the Maldives. 

Dining Onboard Maldives Private Yachts

Mealtimes are a feast of local delicacies as well as international favorites. Most ingredients come from sustainable local sources so youre always assured of the freshest, tastiest meals. 

Traditional Maldivian cuisine features Sri Lankan and Indian influences and ranges from sweet and mildly spicy to very hot. Fish and seafood are the main ingredients in many dishes and you can look forward to sampling fresh trevallies, tuna, and barracudas during your trip.

Coconut, ginger, chopped chili peppers, and rice are some of the most common ingredients in Maldivian food. You can expect fresh, colorful fruit dishes for dessert. 

When youre not at sea, be sure to sample some of the local street food and pop in at some of the high-end local restaurants too. 

Planning Your Ultimate Maldives Yacht Cruise

Since the first Maldives resort opened its doors in 1972, the islands have experienced phenomenal tourism growth. Nowadays, at least 1.5 million tourists make their way to this sought-after destination every year.

So, if you want to enjoy the luxuries that time in the Maldives has to offer, you should book your space as soon as possible. Here are the things you should consider when planning your luxury yacht charter:

The Maldives has a warm tropical climate with a rainy season from June to July. The best time to plan your sailing trip is between November and April when the winds are steady and the rains infrequent

Peak sailing time is during December, January, and February when the wind drops to around 9 knots. Even when the Maldivian weathers at its hottest, you can count on the fresh sea breezes to keep you cool.  

You can book a flight to Malé from most major European and Asian airports. The major airlines serving this remote airport include Aeroflot, Air Seychelles, Emirates, Air Europe, Qatar Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Indian Airlines, Condor, and Kuwait Airways.

All the major charter airlines like Monarch and Thomas Cook also fly to the Maldives.

When you arrive at this island airport, youll find a boat plane waiting to take you to your island resort or your luxury yacht. 

Although you can wear whatever you want during most of your stay in the Maldives, its appropriate to dress conservatively when visiting local islands. The Maldivian people are predominantly Muslim, so please respect their beliefs.

Exposed shoulders and knees are taboo among local folks and ladies should always cover their heads when interacting with local people. 

Set Sail With Maldives Private Yachts 

Are you ready to embark on the luxury vacation of a lifetime with Maldives yacht cruising?

You can easily combine this luxury experience with any of our featured Maldives accommodation options. Alternatively, you can opt for an exclusive yacht holiday from start to finish.

We can arrange every detail of your unforgettable getaway onboard all the best Maldives luxury yachts.

Get in touch for more information or check out our exclusive offers now.  

Luxury Maldives Yacht Cruising