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Maldives The Best Luxurious and Exotic Hotels at One Stop

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Maldives, a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean with 2000 odd coral islands form an archipelago of 27 Atolls. Only a few hundred are inhibited by man. Uninhabited islands are used for farm lands, industry or as picnic islands for resorts where tourists throng for the day for their privacy. There can be no doubt that the Maldives is an exceptional archipelago with the best beaches in the world, the translucent seas and wonderful reefs. The stunning corals reefs, blue lagoons and powdery white beaches complete the picture of the Maldives as a gorgeous tourist destination.

The sandy, white and pristine beaches in Maldives are its prime tourist attractions. In fact, due to the coral reefs and beautiful beaches, the country is considered one of the most preferred beach destinations. The beaches offer a very serene atmosphere and provide the opportunity to enjoy the palm trees, tropical fruits and coconut trees.

It�s well known for its great hotels of the world and for 5-star holidays. The hotels are scattered around the Atolls. The hotels attract honeymooners, luxury holiday makers and offer the best deals for all walks of tourists including the richest with expensive hotels. The Millionaires Holiday Club is also one which attracts the affluent class of tourists

Maldives is well known for its famous and beautiful beaches, lagoons and coral reefs. The beaches are known for their synonymity with peace. These famous beaches in Maldives are known for being too exotic. They are closely connected to Kandooma channel and Guraidhoo channel, letting you experience the beauty of the marine life. You can find luxury, both inside the resorts on the beach and outside them. Enjoy the spa retreats and yoga sessions at the resort, and make the most of your romantic getaway at the island beaches.

Some may think, diving with Hammerheads seems a bit too life-threatening, theres another unique experience you can have underwater in the Maldives. Its rare, but unlike most islands that are "built" from the seafloor up, creating lots of layers of coral shelves to snorkel and dive down to, some Maldivian islands are actually concave. This means you can snorkel and dive underneath them, giving you a totally cool and absolutely unique point of view. Another Atoll Rasdhoo Island, is officially Maldives bikini beaches where you can flaunt your beach body without any worries. The beach not only offers breathtaking views, but is also huge in size. Leafy palm trees and comfy sunbeds environs the beach quite well. Cuddle up with your love, soak up some sun and enjoy your romantic getaway at this private beach.

Other than relaxing and sunbathing at the beaches, tourists can also opt for adventurous water sports activities like parasailing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, windsurfing, catamaran sailing and diving. From the shore you can even see small sharks, fish and crabs a plenty. Swimming and fishing are the other activities that are enjoyed by tourists. You can catch several game fishes with the help of the Maldivian fisherman.

Moreover, Nalaguraidhoo, one of the most frequently visited beach in Maldives boasts of clear azure waters, shimmering white sand and pristine surroundings. A visit to Nalaguraidhoo Beach must be a part of your itinerary, as the beauty of this attraction is bound to leave you speechless and create memories that you will never fail to recall.

Maldives is also a luxury holiday destination for all classes of tourists from North to South and East to West. The hotels in the Atolls suits for all purses, whether they be Billionaires, Millionaires or any other ordinary honeymooner. There are islands for the experienced divers coming to Maldives and make them able to snorkel or scuba dive with Manta rays. Weighing up to 5,000 pounds and with a wingspan of 25 feet, these species can be found in large numbers in Manta Point. One of the best places to find them is at one of the many manta ray cleaning stations, where the mantas gather to have the plankton removed by smaller fish. Best of all is sitting on your balcony, above the turquoise sea while fish of a thousand hues play beneath you and stingrays dance to the rhythms of the sea. In fact, the brightness of the colors and the gorgeous light both above and below the sea is something that will stay with you forever. But honestly, the once-in-a-lifetime views are worth every penny.

One of the oldest dive sites in Maldives to become internationally known, Banana Reef gets its name from the shape of the island when viewed from above. The area has some of the most beautiful caves, cliffs and coral growths. A popular spot with divers, the caves at Banana Reef contain several species of exotic fish, and other marine life like the squirrel fish, soldier fish and Maldivian grub fish. The faint-hearted, HP Reef is great for those looking to explore the underwater world. Very often referred to as Rainbow Reef, because of its array of colors, HP Reef is a great dive site with strong currents. This year-round dive site features soft corals of different colors and gorgonians or sea whips. With dives of up to 10 to 40 meters deep, the reef is great for spotting various reef fish, manta rays, dog tooth tunas and other marine life. Out here, you will also get to see crevices and caves, including large caves.

Maldives is included in the list of top 10 vacations destinations of the world and the Atolls have the top most luxury hotels in the world. The holiday makers are directed according to their tastes, nature and privacy they need.

Maldives also offers you seaplanes. Seaplanes are available at all hours when you land foot on the island archipelago. There is no schedule on seaplanes but is available around the clock. Another main notability is that flights from all major European, Eastern and Far Eastern cities lands directly and departures from the archipelago is also a hassle-free matter.

Maldives The Best Luxurious and Exotic Hotels at One Stop