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A visit to Anantara resorts Maldives An unforgettable experience

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If you are seeking for an escape from your everyday life, Anantara Dhigu, Anantara Veli, and Anantara Naladhu resorts offer you the perfect hideaway.Whether its an overnight stay at a water bungalow, an underwater experience, a tropical adventure or a classic life in a beach house fantasy, Anantara resorts are the perfect fits. The resorts are beautifully shaped near each other like pearls resurfacing the ocean.

The resorts are not adjoined but Naladhu and Veli are connected by a small bridge with one of the best Thai food restaurants in the Maldives; Baan Huraa is in the middle of the bridge over water, offering the guests a delightful dining experience. The resorts share breathtaking beach and lagoon view, letting you witness the shades of blue and white sandy beaches and if you are lucky you might get to enjoy marine species as well. At night, you get to stargaze lying on the beach or on the open-air decks of the villa or in the wide-open infinity pools which are sure to ease you.

If you love the sunsets and sunrises, you are guaranteed to enjoy the sunset view every day in relaxation on your getaway at Anantara. Naladhu is well-known for its exclusivity and exquisiteness. It is a paradise where you can reflect and relax on your own taste. Similarly, Anantara Veli is ideal for honeymooners as Veli has secluded villas and spacious outdoors which provide complete privacy whereas Anantara Dhigu is a family-oriented resort. They also have open outdoors which are just right for small families to enjoy to the fullest. Surely a visit to Dhigu, Veli and Naladhu will be a great chance to experience the true definition of an authentic and exquisite vacation with good quality hospitality. A stay with Anantara will make you come back for more.

Anantara provides good hospitality to their guests from the beginning of the journey to the very end. Friendly representatives assist the guests at the airport lounge with beverages ready to be served, and complimentary Wi-Fi is made available to ensure the guests are comfortable while waiting for the transfer. Guests arriving for all three resorts are welcomed with traditional Maldivian Boduberu while staff and directors greet them and assist them to the reception area. Also hosts are ready to receive the guests with refreshments and cold towels. A personal Villa host then discusses the details of accommodation and inclusive packages before taking them to their villas on a fun buggy ride. If that is not a warm welcome, I dont know what is.

The exterior beauty of the resorts is its villas for sure. They have magnificent open-air bathroom and showers, and a private bath tub. Their two-bedroom family villa strikes out as it is perfect for families with spacious outdoors and adjoining rooms. Though, beach and lagoon view are a bit obstructed due to vegetation, the beach view is a beautiful walkway from the outdoor towards the beach. Naladhu guests for its single unit two-bedroom residence are welcomed through a sophisticated gate to the villa. The gate is made of wood with a picture of rose carved to give the residents instant relaxation and comfort of a home in paradise. Inside the villas, the living room leads straight to the private pool with an open unfenced balcony. The master suite is situated upstairs, where it is surrounded by glass windows giving you 360 angle of the resort. It is perfect to unwind all the stress while having a drink at your own private tub in a rain shower bathroom which has a poetic view of the lagoon.

Dhigu is certainly a paradise which feels like home. Naladhu has ocean pool houses and beach houses each named with a Maldivian name of a plant, like: Kaani (the Maldivian name of a plant). Beach houses consist of a king-sized bed facing the open balcony which offers a wide view of the scenic ocean, with an attached tub to the infinity pool included which the guests have all the time to enjoy, equipped as well with a waterfall shower and an indoor private steam room. Each Ocean house is exclusively provided with its own private cabana on the beach side, allowing every guest full privacy from their ocean pool house to the serenity of the beach. It is full set of havens where you need not leave at any point duringyour getaway, the Naladhu team will bring everything you need at the comfort of your own villa.

Anantara resorts are not only famous for their gorgeous resorts and hospitality but for their food as well. Anantara Dhigu has an excellent choice for the variety of its gastronomic hub. Theyre all situated in extraordinary places around the island or isolated in the middle of the lagoon. Fushi Cafe restaurant serves a buffet which consists of a selection of Western, Asian, European or the local Maldivian cuisine, whereas Terrazzo has a wide selection of Italian dishes. Guests who fancy seafood can get seafood and prime-aged steaks with their very own signature grill. You may be able to spot some rare type of sharks and different fishes in the pristine crystal-clear waters near the restaurants. Aqua, the bar of Dhigu gives you a sip of their finest cocktails which you could enjoy on the ocean hammock or while enjoying the overview of the infinity pool. Dining by Design is most suitable for honeymooners of family dinners or groups as they allow you to dine along sandbanks or even have a barbecue on the deserted shores of the island which will surely be a fun-filled experience.

Likewise, Anantara Veli has remarkable restaurants to offer, like 73 Degrees overlooking the Indian Ocean that serves a grand breakfast buffet and in the evening the restaurant transforms into a semi-buffet, ocean-front dining venue. Baan Huraa is the restaurant to run to if youre craving for some Thai cuisine as they dont only serve authentic Thai food but all the staff are locals of Thailand. Baan Huraa lets you dine in privacy and exclusively as a privilege to its guests. Immerse yourself in the theatre of chefs as they offer you Japanese culinary delights in modern casual settings at Origami. Veli lets you enjoy dinner where the wine master creates the perfect epicurean pairings at Wine Guru while Dhoni Bar offers you poolside meals and refreshments which will surely ease the evening with a sunset drink on the deck as you watch the stars appear.

Naladhu defines exquisite dining by the living room which is a beach facing dining facility that offers wine and excellent cuisine choices. Guests of the resort have a nice option to take a free boat ride which they call PONTOON, operating daily from 07:30 am - 11:30 pm from Naladhu to enjoy the great restaurants and bars located on her sister islands, Anantara Veli and Anantara Dhigu. Naladhu also offers in-house dining which can be arranged either in the comfort of your house, or they can set up a barbecue on the terrace for dining, with your choice of menu closely to no limits, also chefs and waiters are provided at your service to ensure you have the best stay. Naladhu guests can enjoy each restaurant and bar in the island. As Dorothy Day once said, "Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul," a vacation to Anantara Dhigu, Veli and Naladhu, is food for both body and the soul.

Anantara Dhigu, Anantara Veli and Anantara Naladhu have other great facilities to offer aside from their great services and beautiful residents. Anantara Dhigu operates a kids club which is outdoor facility for kids from the age of 3-12 where kids can play on the ground or do arts and crafts as an indoor activity. Water sports are only available in Anantara Dhigu, however, Naladhu and Veli guests may book their water sports activity directly from their own villa or reception respectively. One of the best facilities Naladhu offer is the spa treatment, as you have your own butler to assist you in the comfort of your accommodation, Anantara Dhigu has over water spa that gives the healing treatments and intuitive touch of their massage therapists, while the oceanic view can already give you the relaxation that you need.

Anantara Velis in-land spa gives you that forest fresh smell and experience while enjoying your treatment. Even after the end of a memorable vacation, you would want to come back for more as the staff assist you till your transfer is made, and the airport representatives make you feel comfortable and relaxed till the last moment. They are willing to be there for you till the very last second to constantly make you feel like you are gaining the luxury you paid for. Anantara Dhigu,Anantara Veli and Anantara Naladhu surely know how to put their guests comfort and needs first. A vacation with them is an experience you would want to relive every day.