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Diva FAM Trip to Anantara Veli, Dhigu & Naladhu

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To a perfect getaway with your loved ones to experience an island paradise of simplicity in a peaceful adult’s only tropical setting with amazing crystal lagoons and soft sandy beaches you need to visit Anantara Veli Maldives Resort. Anatara Veli is known as the best place to rest & relaxation on your special occasions.

Let me tell you about my journey to this beautiful resort AnantaraVeli. It was a 35 minuets ride from speedboat from Male’ international airport. Ananatara Veli is in south Male Atoll. There are three Anatara properties close by that is Anantara Veli, Dhigu & Naladhu. Close by as in you can actually visit each resorts from their boat in less than 5 minutes.

So it was me and my colleagues from Zeldiva travel. We arrived at Anantara Dhigu first as our stay was in Dhigu. As soon as we arrived we were warmly welcomed from the resort the staffs were singing and playing boduberu on our arrival. We had our welcome drinks along with cool towels and our picture was taken when we arrived and then along with other guests we were taken to lobby.

We stayed at Anantara Dhigu the first day and next day we were visiting to Anantara Veli. So ill skip to second day. So on the second day we had our breakfast at Anantara Dhigu at Fushi café. It was buffet with so many varieties of delicious foods. We all had few rounds trying almost all the food that was available at the buffet and it was never enough though we were full. After breakfast we went to the lobby as we were about to go and visit Anantara Veli. We waited at the lobby for Aiman .who was going to guide us and show us around the resort. She was one of the friendliest employees I met in the resort. She helped us out if we wanted anything she guided us though our whole trip to Anantara. So, as soon as she came we went to Anantara Naladhu by boat in few minutes. We checked naladu as well and then we went to Veli. From Naladhu to veli we can walk from the overwater bridge they have made to link these two resorts.

Anantara Veli was beautiful as I imagined. As we walked in we passed their famous over water restaurant “Banhuraa” It was a wonderful over water restaurant with the finest thai cuisine. We tried seafood dishes and it was amazing, the hot and spicy foods bound together by authentic of flavor just burst inside your mouth. It was indeed delicious and I don’t mind going there again and again.

The Villas at Anantara Veli was a perfect mix of intimacy and deluxe amenities matched with breathtaking views. Each over water and ocean pool bungalows was a great spot for the couples looking for a private tropical getaway .Not to mention their amenities such as High speed internet access, Mini Bar, Flat screen Television, Wine fridge, Coffee machine, CD/DVD players. Etc. you can just relax in your own bungalow complete with all the modern facilities.

Basically in Ananatara Veli it is mainly for couples who celebrate anniversary, honeymoon, etc. but if it’s a family they can always chose the next resort which few minutes away like Anantara Dhigu. As we walked towards Veli we first saw there open air yoga platform, it was perfect setting for anyone who was to enjoy yoga early in the morning. Moving on through resort we found this garden and there was something different as there were tiny wooden hearts all over on the garden net and it was engraved with the couple’s names with their honeymoon or anniversary dates written. It was very sweet and was a simple touch to their guests on their special occasion.

As we walked by we saw their Famous Japanese restaurant Origami. It was a modern yet casual Japanese restaurant serving unique dining experiences to the guests and then we visited their Dhoni Bar it was very relaxing area where you can hear the ocean waves and you can settle into one of their sun lounges by their infinity edge pool. They also provides varies of island style cocktails and light snacks. We went there as we were tired walking around the resort, so it was rest stop for us and we were given fresh juices with cool towels so we took few minutes to rest out selves at dhoni bar.

After a while we started back with our journey to see more from Veli resort and we came across there SUNDARI Ayurvedcic Spa. The Spa was designed for both those who are just beginning to dip their toes in Ayurveda as well as for the more advanced student who wants to deepen their practice.

Their water sports center and diving center which is from Aquafantics. Whether it’s an adrenaline-fuelled dive or joy ride cruise you can find a lot of water sports activities here as well and also you can find yourself within the phenomenal sight of the colorful Maldivian marine life from there Diving Centre.

Last but not least as we walked to towards the platform for us to go back to dhigu we saw there coral adoption center. The resort initiated coral adoption program where it is designed to share and learn the experiences with guests and regenerate of coral growth in the atoll reef.

I would say my experience in Veli and that’s just for a little while but it was worth it. And I am sure if you are planning to visit Veli for your special occasions you got the right place and I can just only imagine how amazing it will be to stay over in this resort for few days. It is a perfect five star resort for the perfect getaway whether on a honeymoon or another special occasion with wonderful resort facilities such as an infinity edge.

Diva FAM Trip to Anantara Veli, Dhigu & Naladhu
Diva FAM Trip to Anantara Veli, Dhigu & Naladhu