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Luxuriously Natural at Maalifushi by COMO Maldives Resort

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It’s a 60 minute seaplane ride to Maalifushi by COMO in Thaa Atoll, southwest of the Maldives. We offer you Maalifushi by COMO in our Diva Affluence Collection which is built to perfection! It is a scenic, breathtaking ride to this luxury island resort on sunny days. 

Maalifushi by COMO is a luxury island resort surrounded by a wide lagoon on all sides with another tiny island just a swim away in the same turquoise lagoon. Private picnics as well as barbecues are arranged on this tiny beautiful island. Every little detail about your stay will be taked care of – a Water Suite was where I was staying. The moment you enter the room, it’s like a dream come true! The 4 poster bed, the drapes, closet, built-in bath tub, just makes it all so perfect.

 In one of the conversations I had while on the island, a traveler told me that the lagoon and the barbecue experience was one experience on Maalifushi by COMO that she would never forget. I could totally understand that comment as I sat on the deck of the Thila Bar (main bar) gazing across the beautiful shades of the blue lagoon. The turquoise waters around are great to snorkel in with hundreds of colorful life darting among the rocks. 

This luxury island resort is the first boutique hotel in Thaa Atoll and is designed by the Japanese architect Koichiro Ikebuchi. His sensitive approach to nature is seen in all aspects around the island. All in one with the nature surrounding you, the sky reflected in the infinity pools makes it all surreal. Nothing competes with another. Just the nature reflected in all its affluent glory. The sheer white fabrics in the Villas blend in with the pristine white beaches surrounding the island. The blue shade of the private pools reflects the blue skies and the ocean around me. All this took my breath away.

The muted soft warm colors in the Villas blend in perfectly with the earthy colors outside, the warm palette interrupted only by the bold bright coloured pants of the waiter carrying my drink across the wooden walkways above the turquoise waters. At the moment, I wanted to express the sheer enjoyment of being in that private and peaceful moment. Nothing else existed except me and the seamless shades of blue and white. 

I want to take the pleasure of sharing this experience as well as recommending Maalifushi by COMO for the traveler who seeks privacy and first class service in affluent surroundings and for the families with children. The clean healthy crisp salty air with the soft sandy white beaches will do a world of wonder for any child on vacation. I can vouch for Maalifushi by COMO as a kid-friendly resort where parents as well the children will no doubt leave with the feeling of coming back again. In another conversation I had with a female traveler, she told me, “This is my third visit to Maalifushi and just as I thought it could not get any better…It did!” I sure would love to come back with my family and stay at the COMO Residence. Without a doubt, I would recommend the 4 bedroom COMO Residence in Maalifushi for any family seeking that family vacation in such affluent and kid-friendly surroundings. 

The yoga centers and spa therapies at Como Shambhala on Maalifushi by COMO is another wonderful experience. COMO Shambhala advocates pro-active holistic wellness and combines modern science with ancient healing. I found this brought a calming of the spirit to one’s self while on this luxurious island resort in the Maldives. COMO Shambhala offers a separate cuisine with organic food, which gives energy and wellness to your being and is worth trying while on your vacation. COMO Shambhala Wellness Retreats are located on the properties managed by COMO Hotels & Resorts.

Majestic looking tall coconut tress fringe the island and I could see the ‘logo’ of Maalifushi by COMO depicted in the amazing natural surroundings. The two-bedroom Beach Villas located around the island lends you the privacy to spend your vacation with your group of friends. 

Seeking relaxation in a grand way? Maalifushi by COMO is the place to be.  Right in the middle of the Indian Ocean and under the clear twilight sky above and reflected around you. The ambience inside Madi (main restaurant, “Madi” is the local name for sting rays) makes you linger at your dinner and take in the peaceful breathtaking views outside. I sat engrossed in the moment of this discerning luxury around me, totally satiated by the delicious dinner I was served. I looked forward for experiencing the next day’s events. 

Different activities and events are planned daily for the guest seeking to engage in experiences such as snorkeling, aromatherapy treatments, sundowners, surfing, manta ray & hammerhead sightings, sunset cruising and more. 

Maalifushi by COMO welcomed me with its affluence and hospitality and no doubt has left me wanting more of the aesthetically pleasing surroundings complementing the wonderful natural beauty of the Maldive Islands.

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Zeldiva Staff with  Malifushi Staff Left to right Mr. Siyad, Mr. Ishwaan, Ms. Visha, Ms. Janice

Luxuriously Natural at Maalifushi by COMO Maldives Resort